Request Legal Assistance

The Online Media Legal Network is on hiatus as of May 1, 2014, and will not be accepting new applications for referrals. Applications received prior to May 1 will be handled normally, and will not be affected by the hiatus. We expect to resume accepting new applications in late Fall 2014. In the interim, for information about finding an attorney, please see the "Finding Legal Help" section of the Digital Media Law Project's legal guide.

OMLN serves as a matching service to pair online journalism ventures and digital media creators with lawyers that can help them meet the legal challenges of starting and maintaining an online venture.

While we're eager to receive your request for legal assistance, please keep in mind that we can't help everyone.  Prospective clients must meet our eligibility criteria, which are detailed in our FAQ.  Preference is given to journalism ventures and entities whose work is in the public interest.  Please note that we can only help with legal issues involving U.S. law. 

Also, not all clients will be entitled to pro bono (free) representation through OMLN.  In order to receive pro bono representation, clients must meet the financial eligibility guidelines set forth in our FAQ. For those clients who do not qualify for pro bono services, reduced-fee referrals may be available if their work is in the public interest and hiring a lawyer at ordinary market rates would pose a significant burden.  For information on finding a lawyer on your own, please see the "Finding Legal Help" section of the Digital Media Law Project's legal guide.

Note: we do not accept requests for legal assistance via the telephone.