How the Network Matches Clients to Lawyers

When an online publisher has a legal problem and needs assistance, we work with her to determine what sorts of questions she has and what her legal needs are. The legal needs (we call them “matters”) are entered into our database at the Online Media Legal Network.

Once a lawyer signs into his account at, he will be able to view the client’s matters as well as matters for other clients. The lawyer will see matters grouped by his professional expertise as well as by his jurisdiction.


By clicking on a link for a matter, the lawyer can see a profile of the client and matter so that he can decide whether he is interested in that particular matter.



If the lawyer is interested in a matter and client, he can click the link to “Request More Info” and if a staff member at OMLN approves the request, the lawyer will be able to see more details about the client and matter, including the client's identity. This allows the lawyer to run a conflicts of interest check against his existing clients and to make sure that he is able to take on the matter.



If the lawyer is still interested in the matter after running a conflicts check, he can click the link to “Accept Matter.” At that point, an OMLN staff member will notify the client and the lawyer that a match has been made.

When the lawyer has completed work for the client, OMLN staff will send a followup survey to both parties to gather confidential feedback on how everything went.